Monday, February 26, 2007

Sharks and Other Friends

My husband, children and I recently went to the Newport Aquarium. It was a lot of fun and very informative! For instance, did you know that sharks don't have any bones? They also spend their whole lives swimming pretty much all of the time because if they don't continue to swim, they will sink to the bottom. As I said, very informative.

After we had come back from our trip, my mother asked Rachel, my daughter, if the sharks ate any fish. Horrified, my daughter said, "No!" after gasping in shock and disbelief at such a question. My mother was surprised at her response, but asked her what sharks do eat. Rachel answered after thinking for just a minute, "Sharks eat Puffcorn!" I don't remember that being part of the information the diver shared with us in the Dive Show at the Aquarium, but there was a lot going on, maybe I just missed it.

Benjamin sat there during the Dive Show entranced at all the bubbles coming out of the diver as he talked to us. He was equally entranced with the big sharks that swam all around him. He loved being in front of the aquarium as the sharks swam toward him almost "getting" him. He didn't dare touch the sharks when we had the opportunity though. After all, it's one thing being scared by them, but knowing that they can't reach you and another thing actually touching one as it swims by you. "Yucky!" as he stated it.

They did enjoy themselves immensely though and we had a full day of good fun! I just love watching the world through my children's eyes!