Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Little Nasty

After we got home from church this morning, we had lunch and then put the kids down for a nap. I always make them take a nap on Sundays because they are cranky if they don't! :) Well, Rachel wanted me to tell her a story about the little nasty named Benjamin (my son's name!). I had told her a story a couple nights ago about a little girl who meets a troll who is a troll because he's mean and nasty which evidentially she equates with her brother. LOL So I did tell her about the mean and nasty troll whose name is Troll, not Benjamin, but he gets a new name when he becomes nice and kind - yes, you guessed it, Benjamin! Kids are so funny!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In the midst of a fog...Parenting is like Psychological Warfare

So last night my daughter, Rachel, woke me up about 2:00am telling me she was scared. I let her get inside the bed with me and snuggle. Normally she goes to sleep right away, but not last night.

Mental note to self: no more afternoon naps for Rachel!

After struggling to get comfortable, she finally settles in between Joel and me. Several minutes passed and she started to try to kick the covers down. She was apparently getting too warm for her taste. Joel prevented her from kicking the covers down stating that he was cold. "But Daddy! My feet are sweaty!" She started crying in frustration.

I moved her over on the other side of me, so that I was in the middle. We settled down to what I thought would be a quiet rest of the night. I don't know how much time had passed because I'd actually fallen asleep when I heard this small voice say, "Momma, my fingers aren't bony." The fact that I was asleep hindered me from replying right away. So she stated it again, more loudly this time, "Momma, my fingers aren't bony."

Through the fuzz of sleep in my mind came a thought, "You're right. They're perfect the way they are."

Satisfied with my answer, Rachel quieted down for minute. Enough time had passed for me to be on the edge of sleep once again, "No, they're not!" As if this thought needed more assurance in her mind.

My right eye popped open, startled. "You have beautiful little hands and fingers, Rachel."

"Yea, I do." Came her reply with a matter a fact sigh.

I heard a grunt, a snort and a chuckle from my husband beside me. I thought he'd been asleep, but he had quietly been listening to our conversation. "Deep ponderings for the middle of the night." He stated quietly, a smile in his voice and with that he rolled over. Within minutes he was asleep, softly snoring.

I waited expecting some sort of follow-up with this line of thought from my daughter. Hearing nothing, I began to drift into sleep once again. Again, I don't know exactly how much time had passed when I heard, "It looks like a horse."

"What?" I couldn't think. I was sure I hadn't heard correctly. Was she talking about her fingers again? I hoped not.

My daughter sighed impatiently, "The thing on the floor. It looks like a horse."

"Oh, okay." I replied. Good! It's not her fingers. Then a question formed in my mind, "What thing on the floor?" It might be a bug!

"That thing!" She replied, as if no other explanation was needed.

I couldn't stand it. I had to take a look. I got my glasses on and turned on the light, squinting at the general area of where her non-bony finger was pointing. I tried to focus on the small object. Relief flooded me when I realized it was a small part to one of her toys. I flipped off the light and tried to get comfortable.

A minute later Rachel said, "I have to go to the bathroom!"

I tried not to be irritated, but I was getting there quickly, "Okay, go ahead and go."

"I can't! I need the light on."

I reached up and turned on the light I had moments before flipped off. "There, now, please hurry!"

Happily scampering toward the bathroom, she cheerfully said, "Okay!"

I switched the light off once again and rolled over. Once my eyes adjusted to the dark, I realized my husband had a smile on his face. I sighed and asked him, "Are we being trained for the military or perhaps the CIA?"

He laughed, "You mean like training for psychological warfare?"


He laughed harder. "It feels like it, doesn't it?"

Maybe I should stop watching 'The Unit' or reruns of 'Alias' before bed.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Daze

All this past week as been a very busy one, as is normal for this time of year. Monday night, I went to my WMU (Women's Missionary Union) meeting. Tuesday night, my ladies' Bible study group went shopping for a family that we are helping for Christmas.

Wednesday night was church and the children's Christmas party. Rachel got a doll that drinks from a bottle that makes sound as she does. She named her Haddon Esther and we call her Esther. I have no idea how she came up with that name combination, but she did, all on her own. Benjamin got a truck that lights up and moves; however, it's gotten a lot of play time, so it's pretty much warn out now. Sad, but true!

Thursday afternoon we went to the Movie Tavern with Joel's work group for their Christmas party. We went to see Fred Claus, which is cute. The kids had a blast! We were supposed to go with the children's group at church to go through the KY Horse Park to see their lights, but we were just too tired by the time we got home.

Friday afternoon was my dad's work Christmas party. They had a Santa come in for the kids as well as face painting. Rachel was a Christmas butterfly and Benjamin was a tiger. As one shopper put it later that evening, he was in character. *Sigh* Boy, was he! Anyway, then that evening we went to pick out 2 gifts for a 5 and 6 yr old boy and girl respectively at the local toy store. I wanted the kids to go too and pick out the gifts for children their age, so they could understand the idea of giving. I was so proud of them. Rachel picked out a Dora Fairytale Doll and carried it around the store, put it up on the counter when we were ready to pay and looked up at me and said, "My girl will like the gift I picked out for her!" Benjamin did the same as he picked out a Sponge Bob watch and Sponge Bob paint set for the little boy. All was fine until we actually started to leave the store. Benjamin was not ready to go yet and started roaring at me, at Joel, at whoever was around him. Remember, he still had his face painted like a tiger. Hence the reason that the shopper stated that he was "in character".

Saturday afternoon Joel and I each got our hair cut and then finished some shopping at Wal-mart (always a fun experience during the Christmas season).

Now, tonight, we have their Children's Christmas Program - The Gift - at church. I'm looking forward to getting some good pictures out that one! One thing my kids do very well, well...okay, two things: ham it up and sing loud!