Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bitter Enemies / Fast Friends

Well, I've been kicked in the face, had my leg peed on and the bridge of my nose still hurts where my son cracked me with the corner of his magnadoodle yesterday. Yes, today has been a good day. Of course all of the abuse was an accident. I was watching TV with my daughter and she switched positions (lying on the floor) and her foot caught the side of my face. It's a little sore, but not too bad. And it was an accident that she peed on my leg - I was reading one last book before nap time and it was right before we went potty, of course. Her response was shock, "I'm sorry, Mommy. I didn't mean to!" She's so sweet! And yesterday, my son just wanted to show me his artwork. He just swung the magnadoodle a little too hard toward me. I was still very proud of his picture. He kissed it for me, leaving a nice juicy lip print on my nose. He's adorable!

My children are so much fun! I do love spending time with them!

Their favorite new thing to do is to tease each other by holding their faces as close to the other's while they smile and clack their teeth together. Great fun! And, of course, the tattling on each other is so much fun too! I can't believe how young that all starts. They run around the house taking turns chasing each other - tormenting each other - and running to me, yelling, "Mommy!" When I've had enough of the screaming and crying, I separate them to their corners to give them a break from the chaos. I guess all I'm doing is letting them rejuvenate their engines to go longer at it, but I can only handle so much! :)

But no matter how much they torture each other, they always want to play together. They always look for each other when they aren't together. They are bitter enemies one minute and fast friends the next. Oh, the joys of childhood!


C.C. said...

Sorry you got so beat up today! Praying for you!