Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Some funnies

My kids are so funny and very competitive! They want so much to have what the other one has or they feel left out. Often times when we are riding in the car, one of them will point out something that is from looking out the window on their side of the car, so then we have to look for the same thing out the window on the other side of the car so that the other one sees some of the same things on their side. It can be exhausting! LOL Today it was horses. Rachel saw horses on her side and Benjamin was so upset because he didn't see any horses on his side. His lower lip was all stuck out and pouty. Just pitiful! LOL Well, I had to come up with something fast, so I spotted a really big and very elaborate stable out his window and pointed it out to him, "Look Benjamin! You have a pretty stable on your side." He was pleased.

Rachel scouted out her window for something that she could find to point out to trump his find. The only thing there was this spot where this old crumbly barn had been torn down and partially burned.
She took a deep breath and stated, "Well, I have a big, uh...a big, uh...a big mess on my side." LOL!


Funny thing happened on the way home from Bible study:
Due to the storms and cloudy, windy weather early in the morning, I was still expecting some more bad weather. We were driving slowly on a back road and I had just gotten done telling my mother what an overactive imagination my daughter has when I noticed how gray the clouds were.

Since my mother was driving, I was looking to my left. I suddenly noticed the sound of a train, so I start freaking out (just a little bit) and looking over my left shoulder, out the back window and the driver's side front. My mom was looking at me like I had lost my mind. I was just in the process of saying, "Mom, we should find a ditch to get in." because I could hear the train and it was getting louder. Because...

it was right next to my side of the car! DUH! Boy, did I feel silly. LOL I started laughing and turned to my mom and said, "What was I just telling you about my daughter's overactive imagination? I guess she comes by it naturally."

We had a good laugh!


the mccann clan said...

It's so interesting where they get there sense of humor, imagination and overall personality from. It sounds like you've got your hands quite full... and wouldn't have it any other way! Have a wonderful Valentine's day with your sweet family!

Much love,


Bruce Judisch said...

Great blog, Lori, and loved your post. Look forward to seeing it more often.

God Bless, Uncle Bruce & Aunt Jeannie