Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Full of Laughs

My children make me laugh. A lot. I mean, the great big full belly laughs one gets from the most amusing incidents that happen in life. Of course, there are also the silly giggles that I get just watching them play. They make up the most interesting stories and songs I've ever heard. In fact, I don't even have to know what they are talking about, just watching them giggle is enough to make me laugh. It's true, we have a lot of fun around here.

One of the things my son thinks is great fun is to pull the lever on my computer desk chair
while I'm typing away only to have it lowered quickly and startle me. I always jump and he just rolls on the floor with laughter. He keeps giggling as I continue to type from nearer the floor. I'm sure I look like a gremlin. LOL :) He's a hoot!

Benjamin is constantly saying and doing things to make us laugh. He's my clown. Rachel is no stranger to clown antics herself. She is a master at inventing silly stories and songs to make us laugh. She even makes up little plays and skits to display her silliness. I am truly blessed with wonderfully inventive and creative children. And they make me laugh!


Bruce Judisch said...


Must be the gene pool...our grandkids are ditto!

Thanks for the note on my blog. I'll keep you posted on the production process of the book.

God Bless - Uncle Bruce