Thursday, May 01, 2008


Sometimes after listening to my children tell me, "Mommy, you need to still wear a jacket. It's cold outside!" (from my almost-5-year-old daughter) or "Don't do that! I do it myself!" (from my almost-4-year-old son), I start to wonder who the parent really is...not that I'm really questioning this, but Good Grief! I don't know why it didn't occur to me that my children would "mother" me, but it really didn't.

My husband gets it even worse, I think. Only because my daughter thinks it is hilarious to put her fingerprints on Daddy's glasses and then tell him that he really needs to clean them. LOL Where does she get this impish behavior? I have no can't possibly be from my side of the family! And, oh yes, my son now thinks that he should shave his whiskers "like Daddy does". What?! You're not even 4 yet!

My son has taken to laughing what I have dubbed his ornery/evil laugh. It's truly hilarious! He likes to ride with his Grammie on the electric carts at Wal-mart (she broke her leg almost 6 years ago and after 8 surgeries on it, she still can't walk for any length of time) so he can "drive". He actually pushes her hands away with his elbows while "speeding" down the aisles. It's a wonder we haven't been throw out of our local Wal-mart, banned from ever coming back. I guess they know how often we go and how much we spend. I should buy stock!!!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was in front of them at the store (mistake!) when I heard this sinister chuckling behind me. I turned around just in time to see my mother's worried face and my son's intense stare and slight smile as he was preparing to run in to me. At the last moment, he turned slightly, just enough to miss me. As he was going by me, he threw his head back and laughed his ornery/evil laugh. Such a character! I love it!

I actually prayed for an ornery, tender-hearted boy. God gave me EXACTLY what I prayed for (I'm sure He did so with a big smile on His face too!)


the mccann clan said...

Aren't they a blessing?! :)