Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Digger and His Softer Side

Well, it has happened. My son has learned a new trick - digging. I don't mean his nose - he already had that mastered a long time ago - I mean digging his chin into his sister when he doesn't get what he wants. I thought biting would come next, which thankfully, it hasn't. When he wants something she has, he will lift his little chin, plant it firmly in one of her appendages or in her back or sometimes her head, and bear down with all his might. It hurts, believe me! He's done it to me just on a trial basis only. See above, I have proof. In this instance he wanted to climb over her and she wouldn't let him. Imagine that! So of course she just sat on him, which makes perfect sense.

He's all things little boy, but he also has a tender, sweet side too. The other day I was lying on the bed waiting for my husband to finish dressing Rachel for bed - Benjamin was already finished - and he body-slammed me. As I was not expecting it, it did not feel good. When he saw that it had hurt me, Benjamin said, "Oooh! Oooh! I sorry!" He then bent his little head to give me a kiss to make it feel better. Now, how sweet is that?!

All the things he does to Rachel, while yes, he wants his own way, he does most generally so that he can be just like her. He adores her! He loves to dance with her - and I have proof! (Where would I be without my trusty camera. I have great blackmail shots for later!) His little eyes light up when she comes into the room. And when Joel, Rachel and I were gone the other day when he woke up from a nap, my mother informed me that he went around the house looking and then came back to her asking, "Where's Rachel?" I don't think he even noticed that Joel and I weren't there.

He has a softer side with his parents too. He LOVES his daddy! His little eyes light up when Joel comes home and he runs to where his father is to hug and kiss him. He gently pulls at Joel's whiskers and whispers, "Whiskers!" as if they are magical in some way. He also LOVES his mommy! He freely gives me kisses all the time and will at times even cup my face in his little hands while he tells me that he loves me and then kisses me. He's utterly precious!

The other day we were taking a walk along a path at a local park. He and Rachel were in front of me holding hands as they walked along the path. He turned his head and called, "Mommy!" just to make sure I was coming with them. He's just so sweet at times! My digger, my bopper, my son!


C.C. said...

Love the pic of them walking together!