Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Explorers of All Things Sticky, Gooey and Slimy

For any of those who have children or pets for that matter, you know that it is instinctively part of not just human nature but also animal nature to be curious. My children love to watch Curious George and I’m fully aware it’s because they completely relate to his curiosity! I feel like Hunley, the Doorman’s dog, who always tries to protect the hotel from George.

While a Curious George episode ends in about 15-30 minutes, my children’s “episodes” of curiosity can last much longer than that, at least the clean-up does. Again I was downstairs trying to multi-task, when I realized how very quiet my children had become. When I went in Rachel’s room to see what they were doing, I just about keeled over from apoplexy! My children, who I thought were playing with stuffed animals and other harmless toys, were getting into some items on the dresser. Now, I realize that I really only have myself to blame for all of this because I’m the one that left the make-up in there. I understand that this is really my fault which is why I’m writing (or in this case, typing) it down so that 1) I will hold myself accountable to find things and remove them before my children use them and 2) as a warning for other parents.

They had located a bottle of liquid foundation that I'd forgotten I had and a bottle of lotion that had come in a gift bag for going to a women's function at church. All I can say is, thank goodness the lotion bottle was a very small one!

I came in to find that they had coated some of the wood (again, I say thank goodness - it could've been all fabric) furniture with the mixture they had created using the lotion and foundation along with Rachel's pillowcase and bedsheet, and some spots on the floor. My guess is that Rachel knew it was foundation and lotion and that she was trying to "make-up" the three princesses on her bed (Cinderella, Snow White and Belle).

What's a parent to do when he/she finds the children making a mess such as this? Well, I did the only thing I knew to do; sucking up a wad of tears that was threatening to choke me, I told them that they are always to ask Mommy if they can play with things that weren't given to them to play with. Then, I proceeded to start cleaning up the mess.

In all of this, they were very sweet and tried to help me clean up, which I politely asked them not to. My oldest, Rachel, simply stood there watching me for awhile. She picked up the lotion bottle from the floor and went over and threw it in the trash, "We better put this away, Mommy." Good idea (now she decides to put it away)! She then told me solemnly, "I'm sorry, Mommy. I didn't mean to." Of course, my son, Benjamin, had to follow suite and express his regret in equal manner. How precious are my children!?! Along with their father, they are the most precious gifts in my life.

As I cleaned up that mess and as I'm reminded of it when I see the sheets I'm still trying to remove stains out of, I'm finding gratitude in each day as I watch my husband play with our children, listen to my daughter articulate almost everything quite well and watch my son as he "plays" music on every piece of furniture and toy imaginable. My children astound me with their learning and growing, their creativity and their sensitivity. It gives me new perspective on each day and though I have times of feeling frustrated, exasperated or even overwhelmed, I'm so grateful that God has given me these - has entrusted them to me. I am indeed blessed!


C.C. said...

Oh my!!!! You sure have your hands full. What a joy to be able to see their creativity and love for life in all this though.