Monday, October 29, 2007

Blowed Up

As we do every year, my family has started fighting the seasonal allergies. It's come a little late this year because of the warm weather that hung on until just recently. My son seems to suffer more with allergies (congestion, sinus drainage, etc.) than his sister, but they both have their share of "burgers" (what they so delicately call the crusties in their noses).

Saturday morning I heard my son getting out of bed sniffling and snorting. He turned to me and hoarsely stated, "I got burgers in my nose again, Mom."

"So I hear," I replied. "Let's blow your nose."
In the 2 seconds it took me to respond to him, he had gotten enveloped in cartoons. Getting anything done at this point takes a lot of fast maneuvering and prayer. He's very good at dodging me as he has incredible peripheral vision!

With a sigh I started toward him with a kleenex. I sat quietly down beside him as if interested in the cartoon and whipped out my kleenex. Swiftly positioning the kleenex over his nose, he slid deftly from it, his eyes not leaving the television. With a small grunt of frustration, I started positioning the kleenex again, this time from the opposite side. I noticed Benjamin glimpse at me from the corner of his eye and move away. So, of course, I had no other choice but to grab him by the back of the head and position the kleenex. "Aaahhh!" he yelled, "I can't see the TV!"

Ignoring that statement, I said firmly, "Blow!" (Fortunately for me this time the task turned out to be relatively easy.)

Gathering up all the wind from inside of him, he blew. Man, can that kid blow! I'm surprised that he hasn't popped a blood vessel in his eye yet. Anyway, we continued with the other side and got that over with. Then, I told him to look up so I could check the inside of his nose. I guess I took too long because with his little face turned up toward the ceiling he said, "Mom! It's all blowed up!"

Hmmph! Go figure!