Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Ballerina and Superman

Last night was Trick-or-Treat. We had such fun!

Rachel decided that she would be a ballerina WITHOUT wings. She had wings last year and would have nothing to do with them this year. And being a girly girl, she always wants make-up. It's, in her opinion, one of the best things about playing dress up. I agree. I messed up some of her eye make-up though and it smeared a little, so I painted on a red lipstick heart with glitter right under her right eye to cover the spot I couldn't seem to correct.

Benjamin has been waiting to be Superman for a very long time. He is fully convinced that he can fly (it's more like jumping, but we're not supposed to notice that) as long as he has that suit on. He has built up his endurance and pain tolerance by running around the house watching his cape flying behind him and running into walls, door jams, etc.

We saw kids with a variety of costumes, of course, and Rachel, being the social butterfly that she is, would call out to them and say, "Hi, _____!" We met Cinderella, Jasmine, Thomas the Train, Kitty Cat, Scary Boy, Super Lady, Monster Thing and Sparkly Girl, among others.

Benjamin thought it would be fun to blow out candles wherever it was applicable. Why is it that wherever we go, there are always apologies on my part necessary?

We also went over to our friends, Greg and Deanna's, house. Their dog, RJ, was dressed up as a spider. A very relaxed spider. A glow-in-the-dark very relaxed spider.

By the time we started for home, Rachel and Benjamin were moving like zombies. They were weaving about with a glazed look in their eyes and tripping over their own feet. I have to admit that I was pretty tired myself. But they perked up once they got a bath and then crashed once we snuggled on our bed to watch a show. So Joel carried our ballerina and I carried our superman and we put them soundly in their beds.


C.C. said...

They look adorable! I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

Janelle said...

They're adorable - I love seeing all the kiddos get to dress up on Halloween! Thanks for sharing!