Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laughing at Myself

Funny Pictures
Funny Pictures

Do you ever listen to yourself while you are saying something to your children or just after you've said something to your children? I did that the other day. I was trying to get my kids herded into the car and into their car seats and also get my mother's wheelchair in the car as well. Normally they are very good about holding on to my hands and watching where we are going. We look both ways...that whole bit, but not this day. They were so hyper and we were in a busy parking lot. They were skipping, jumping and singing at the top of their lungs. I was walking with them hand in hand out to the car (it's amazing that you can be sweating in 20 degree weather when you have to deal with your children). We got to the car and Benjamin rips his hand out of mine and starts twirling around in the next parking space. I was afraid that he was going to dart out in front of a car, so I urgently told him to come over to the car.

"Weeellll, I have to be Superman right now." he stated without looking at me and continuing his twirling and running around in circles.

"You just can't be Superman in a parking lot!" I laughed about this later thinking that if anyone had heard just that line, like walking into the middle of a conversation, it would've struck them funny, at least, it would've me! :)


C.C. said...

LOL, if only we had video tape to prove the things we say sometimes really are funny!!! :-)