Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Sweet Daughter

Just a quick blog about how absolutely sweet my daughter can be! I asked her if she was done playing with her playdough (the foam kind that is non-staining) and if she needed help putting it away. She said that she needed some help and brought it to me to put on the lids. So, I watched her put it away on the hutch where we've been keeping it. A little while later I noticed that two of the six containers (3 of her's and 3 of Benjamin's make up the six total) were gone. I asked Rachel where they were and she held up her hands and said in her sweet little voice, "Well, David didn't have any so I took some up and put it in his room for him so he would have some to play with. I was just sharing, Momma." (David is my brother who is 35 and mentally handicapped) Now, isn't that just the sweetest?!!!


C.C. said...

What a precious thing to do. My uncle was Down's Syndrome and his childlike faith amazed me so many times. One of the patients I saw yesterday was Down's Syndrome and he was so excited that I came to visit him. He was telling me all about I Love Lucy that he was watching on tv. He was just so excited to have someone come to see him. He totally blessed my day!!!

U.N. Mama said...

How sweet is that!!!?! Your daughter is beautiful by the way!


Myrilla said...

Good for people to know.