Monday, September 25, 2006

The Bopper and the Princess

There he goes again! My son, sparkling eyes, mouth set in a determined grin and giggles staggering out of him as he pushes his sister's baby stroller through the hall. She trails behind screaming at him to let go of her stroller.
He just enjoys terrorizing her! Overnight he has become this maniacal, giggling thief of all things pretty and princess. I truly believe that he has decided that his purpose in life is to completely invade her territory and pillage all of her stuffed animals/blankets/books/baby dolls. This beautiful, angelic, cherubic child can turn into a beast at a blink of an eye.

But then, my little princess is no angel at times herself! She is truly one of the sweetest children I know on the planet. Giving, loving, sharing, caring - all of those wonderful qualities are hers until her brother bops her on the head, which unfortunately happens more often than it should. True, I would not be very sweet if someone bopped me on the head, but I am trying to get her to use words (Don't hit me!) instead of action (bopping her brother on the head right back). She's actually doing quite well at it. It is obvious that girls are much more into verbal communication than physical communication. Where as my son is all about the tantrums and hitting, pushing (we, thankfully, have not gotten into biting or kicking yet), my daughter is all about the screaming. In fact, I asked her to stop screaming in the car on the way home from church yesterday and she very sternly corrected me, "I'm NOT screaming, I'm YELLing!" And yes, I did have to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud.
*Sigh!* I hear a screaming princess...yes, she's all right, just got a bopping on the head from the bopper. It's time-out for that one as he sits looking at me with his lower lip sticking so far out you could trip over it. Too cute! I just keep telling myself that it won't be so cute when he's 16 and he's bopping people over the head.
The two minutes are up and he's released from his prison. :) I make him tell his sister that he's sorry for hitting her and then give her a kiss and a hug. Too precious! All is well between the bopper and the princess once more. He graciously shares a fruitsnack with her as she sweetly tells him, "Thank you!" They run off giggling to play in the other room. The laugh and dance around the room together. Harmony, at last!
Oh, the joys of raising children! Despite my exasperation with them at times, they are absolutely the joy of my life! They are learning all the time, every day and all day long. And while they learn, along the way I learn from them too. I'm so thankful for my little blessings!
Oh no, what's that I hear? Screaming again?! Here we go! The bopper is on the loose!


Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures!!!!!!!

Adam and Holly Groza said...

They are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!